Friday, July 17, 2009

Sister Circle

This may not be the most interesting blog out there but it's my way of staying accountable to a goal of becoming active again. I knew going into this I would need encouragement so I decided to create a sister circle of triblogs to keep focused and see what other folks of color are doing to in the sport and honestly other sports too. I just hope to reclaim the fitness and joy I once got from outdoor activities.
Today was a me day, I did not work out I needed to rest and plan a new set of exercise objectives. Oh so important when ones fitness level increases and the routine seems "easy". Tomorrow I will be up early to beat the heat on the road. I don't know anyone in my area that competes in triathlons but I do keep a close watch on other blogs to focus . We have all heard "yes I can" well maybe in a few months i will join the saying as well, right now I'm just going to keep moving and focus on feeling the freedom to walk without wheezing!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Checking in

I have managed to lose eight pounds thus far but weight loss is not one of my goals. I know a few pounds will fall off as i work out more so i figure why bother with numbers. It's hard enough work being a vegetarian without calorie counting.
Things have been hard this week becuase the tempeture is eighty by seven in the morning. I could work out on the treadmill but i find it way to boring. So I'm sweeting out my natural hair in a major way these days.One has not lived until they have to do maitenance on dreads twice a week. Still I have to pickup my pace I promised myself i would be in shape to start the crossfit program in August. I also have identified a 5k to enter that is close to home. I hope to find a few more before the end of the year.