Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sabastion Inlet State Park

The Holiday weekend approaches and I feel sluggish at best. I miss the outdoor jogs and bike rides that kept me inspired. Instead it's mall walks and trips to state and local parks on weekends. At this rate I'm not really cutting the mustard and frankly I'm rethinking the way I have been going about things.

Since falling off the bandwagon this month I've turned to a natural Florida resource state parks. After a crocodile was photographed off one of the beaches near my house I have not been in the water and only jog along the waters edge in the sand. Don't ask me why I have not felt that way about freshwater and gators but I am at least in a boat when in fresh water. So between squid, crocks, and deadly riptides my journey to fitness is turning into a farce. That's why I took a trip to Sebastian to rejuvenate and have a little motivational talk with myself. Yes you can camp here and that's what drew me in although I must say the place has seen better days so I choose long point right next door. I can't say that I was good but I have walked a little and cleared my head. So despite being a germ freak I am seriously considering a gym with boot camp. I have tried exercise partners and they did not work ,one stopped after only a day the other made to many excuses and demands. It really boils down to how bad I want this and how much commitment I'm willing to give. All I can say is here in the parks with boaters, swimmers and kayakers I'm reminded why I live in the sunshine state. The weather is great when everyone else is freezing and I want to stay active and participate in sports. It's time for this sister to get back to work!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

St Augustine

I spent the day in St Aug and tried to convince myself that the walk from the parking lot to the beach was as good as a workout.I wanted to ran along the beach up north of it but it was hot and I forgot my beach shoes. Just to many broken shells ,ants and six inch long spiders lurking in the dunes for me, so I ended up at the state park. With whiter powdery sand instead of the chunky brown stuff I felt more inspired to do something. Actually I did nothing special and am in a bad exercise funk. Somehow I'm dropping pounds like crazy and it concerns me, slacking has taken on all new rewards I guess. I think it's just the heat and my intake of more fluids than solids. At any rate next week I'll start weight training maybe it will help with my lack of enthusiasm in these dog days of August.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still in the struggle

I can honestly say I would rather run a 100 mile race than pack forty years worth of "stuff" in boxes and move again. I admit to not working out during the end of July due to lack of energy after sorting, throwing away, and sometimes selfishly holding on to material things. Oh how ashamed i felt about the latter but hey now that its over I resolve to live simpler and with less. The same applies to exercise i want to stop trying to see the big picture for now and focus on the little things one step at a time in order to accomplish the goal of completing that mini triathlon next year.
I have worked on some new menu plans to keep up my strength and satisfy my hunger enough to enjoy filling and fulfilling meals. I'm a firm believer in individual meal plans, it's ridiculous to think you should give up the flavors and spices your used to become some generic
triathlete. I have seen people post about foods they don't really like or never thought of trying just because they read on some site fill in the blank is what others eat while working out or before races.
I find this sad to start just take the things you like and prepare them healthier, then add a twist to the old by incorporating new flavors. While trying new things limit them at a gradual pace in this why your system does not go in to shock when learning to except new and healthy chow. By the time you gather a few recipes and tweet them you'll have your own list of must haves that will last a lifetime instead of a few months. Right now the hardest part of it all for me is being a pastry chef that is working on a fitness plan. Chew and spit doesn't work so well outside of a winery no !