Monday, October 26, 2015


It's been one heck of a year for me. I went from mowing down a few of what i thought were to lofty goals to surpassing my own ideas of success. Yes i did have some things go wrong ( i was forced to start walking and a health issue popped up) but other than that i had a great time.
I met fabulous people and learned there are folks in this community i call home who do care about the world beyond themselves .I had to search hard to find lifes jewels but they are out and about so glad the universe to brought us together.Most importantly i learned the power of letting go of that comfort zone.
I realize now destiny brought me into the racing word. I was stressed out and looking for a way to relax,enjoy my love of the outdoors and connect with my purpose on this earth.
Running provided me an entry into an active lifestyle in which to comb through all those matters. So with true delight I grabbed hold of the chance with every bit of strength i had. The high i got from entering then finishing races couldnt be beat, such a wonderful reward.
I had my share of prerace nerves and struggles to finish but i made it over those humps.What wasn't to like, it could be done alone and it took me through some of the most beautiful places ever. Actually i ran/walked around some boring cookie cutter neighborhoods too. Yet i have to say it was the people who made it interesting.
Every soul i talked to helped me in some way and while i struggle now to remember names and faces, i haven't forgotten the comradery we shared. For the people i can never forget im giving a shout out here.
First up the girltrek movement, an organization that mixed some of my favorite things. Spirituality, family,activism and fitness all rolled into one mother load. Then came Black girls run whose posters testimonies inspired me to stay on track and eventually lead me to share my own.
After searching closer to home i found a group that i could share training runs with. The miles i put in doing mondaine road work were completed mostly alone but as i churned out the weekly grind of miles i built a fellowship with some of its members. I enjoyed kicking  asphalt with them. Anyone willing to go the distance with me at snail pace is probably as crazy as i am.
There are way to many to name but a special shout out to the Barley family. I can't say enough what special place in my heart they hold,love yall. Big ups also to the Tara (waterwaif) whose last name escapes me, you touched me beyond running. Supporting community is a passion of mine more than trying to inspire new runners the work you do to make this a better town to live in is your real accomplishment. Also the couch25k crew, you all rocked. I miss you especially my favorite little guy. Awesome parents raise the greatest people. Lastly i thank the many park workers and local citizens who took care of me when i pushed myself to the limit to complete virtual marathons. I was determined not to give up even if it killed me and they had my back.
Now as i move on i get to take you all with me in my heart. I always thought of my life journey as a solo one but a lone wolf doesn't last long. My pack grows in spirit now  as Im keeping pieces of you all with me. I"m now on my way to start others things. See ya on the road, I'll be out there cheering for you my friends.