Tuesday, May 13, 2014

VIrtual 5k Weekends are on

I made the decision to start walking again but this time I felt I needed to set goals. I have chosen several causes to privately walk for and each time I do I spread the word about town for people to join me. These are just community walks no money exchanges hands and no bling at the end of the road.
Last weekend the sky was grey but I walked out the door ready to be soaked. Turns out it was only over cast as the walk and day turned out to be joyful but Florida cool. That just means the sun is not beating you into submission. My cause for the days walk was the Nigerian girls kidnapped from school. With a sign in my backpack along with the usual first aid kit I hit the track slowly. I'll be honest I was moving slower than grandma ( a couple of seniors lapped me). I actually thought at the two mile point I would just call it a day. That's when the lord stepped in and helped me by sending a messenger.
 Two weeks before I met a woman who was out jogging as I attended an event in the park. I mentioned I could not wait for the day I would be able to run instead of walking. I wasn't even serious I was just tired from roaming around the festival. Well guess what, that same woman remember me. As she passed she looked back and said" one lap is a mile and a third you can do it." I responded that the lord must have told her to say that because I was wondering where I was mile wise. She responded " he must have I never talk or tell people that when I run." If that wasn't a sign I don't know what one is.
By the time I hit my second mile a burst of energy propelled me to move faster and with more joy not dread. So instead of three miles I did five and felt great, along the way I reminded people to remember to #bring back our daughters. It was mothers day weekend and I walked to support all the mothers who are missing their daughters for whatever reason. I then went home to visit my own mother, at her age it's a blessing to still have her and a big motivation to stay healthy enough to take care of her.

Yes it's been awhile

Its been a while since i was last here. For some reason  returned to read old post and wondered why i stopped making an effort to run. Okay I know the reasons and as many as there were none seem to be worthy excuses now. I will say this in the time that I stopped organizations like girltrek and black girls run have come along and inspired millions.
So now that fitness in communities of color have been out on the front pages I get better responses from everyone I tell about my triathlon goals. They have change a bit since I started as I have been focusing on road racing this year. Unfortunately for me since I slacked off and gained weight I'm walking again. I'm not having a heart attack trying to hold on to the idea I used to run five miles before and after work and think nothing of it.This month I have been logging about ten miles a week in the florida heat and slowly I'm building the stamina to reach a my goal of actually running a 5k. Sure it's three miles but I'm one hundred pounds over weight and it will be a long process to work my way down.
One thing I know for sure is more women and families need to be out here with me. I want to encourage you all to start your own walking/running groups or find one in your area .If that's to much than I'm claiming all you stragglers. Get on your treadmills at home and walk with me I'm hosting a years worth of virtual walks. I'll be the sweeper and pull you along on the journey as nothing beats walking buddies. This is what my mind body and spirit has been calling for me to so get ready I'm taking y'all all with me.