Monday, March 29, 2010

GirlTrek Florida Style

Last year when i decided to start training for triathlons I came across the girltrek web site. I wanted to make the commitment and join but life got in the way and I stopped training. This year as I celebrate a time of change and renew my resolve to become active again I took the plunge and signed up. I have found a running group but am open to walking with my sister walkers around Florida. I not only want us to walk in groups and as individuals but also in a girltrek show of force. If women of color see each other out there walking there is no telling what change we can make in our communities. So here is my very public pledge, I'm going walking around the state and I want you to join me. Stay tuned for details as I change direction to bring along some sister friends with me on my journey to fitness.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Back !

New directions are a good thing and that is exactly what I have decided
to do at this stage of the game.Late last year I searched the Internet for groups to join for both cycling and running. Lucky for me I found a group that has a little of both located in the town I moved to. Unfortunately it was a cold winter here and I did nothing but lurk until the cold freeze broke.
So last month I pulled my old mountain bike out of storage and replaced the small race type seat with a much larger "big gal" gel cushion version. What a relief, I might not be the fastest but I will be training on old betsy until I have reached a fitness level. I then broke out my hiking shoes so I could wear them in on some new trails I have discovered. My search continues for a good pair of running shoes though.I also started walking a bit and it has made me see what i need to do when putting together a fitness plan. Oh but most importantly I actually showed up for a group run. Okay they ran I walked but I felt really good about just making the effort. Next up is setting that schedule for April and setting up some realistic goals for 2010.