Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still making progress

It has been two weeks since i walked due to health problems. I discovered the chest pains were nothing to take lightly. My exercise level was increasing to fast and my body was not given proper time to rest. So now instead of the very real desire to pull off five milers I'm back to timed walks not mileage. It is truly hard to admit the things I enjoy have to be limited. I'm also
a water person and if the oil spill makes its way to my coast sea activities will be added to the list of things I have loved and lost.
So as trek girls contest comes down to the finish line I'll still walk and keep active because in time
my strength will build. Along the way to the challenge I have met wonderful folks from all corners of the country and all ethnicity's. As the saying goes it ain't over the good times are just starting!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blue Crab Festival

I have to admit something terrible this week, I'm gaining weight. I'm not talking muscle either but rather FAT! I have been biking more of late than walking as the days turn to a steamy ninety degree and the rains come like monsoons. This gain is due to excessive eating of bad foods. I knew once I gave up on vegetarianism my body would rebel but I had no idea I would.
I actually only eat fish and once a month chicken now but after three years as a vegan I was not doing well. It cost big time to eat healthy and money is tight. When I could afford it I ate well and did worry about the cost of healthy items. As the economy and business became worst I have used more and (gasp) frozen and canned foods. This has taken a toll on my body. I will have to work on processed foods because over the last two years I had been making everything from scratch. It is not a long journey back though I still am able to move about but I will have to find high energy foods to make up for the hunger that is building due to my increase exercise.
On the bright side I manage to walk six miles this weekend at the Blue crab festival and I resisted the erg to buy some greasy fried sea treasure and chow down. Instead I brought some lemon water and the idea that looking as I walk will pay off later. Okay that last part is so not true because I was not going to walk at all knowing I was to attend this festival. Instead of good parking I walked a mile from my car which was parked on a bridge. After that hike I just continued the trek three times through the event and then walked the long way back up the hilly bridge. So in the end I got a workout I didn't want but needed.