Monday, March 23, 2015


Its been a week since my last race entry. I had to take one week off just to rest because seventy miles in fourteen days was a bit much for me.
I have spent  my time thinking not only of my activism but of how i will enter this decade of my life being a doer and bridge builder. When i say builder im talking so much more than race and natoonality. In this age of the internet we have lost many venues to have civil conversations face to face.
When i enter a race that type of human interaction comes back. People come from all over and within any crowd there is a chance of connecting to whats good in the human spirit.  Through the toughest struggles of my life came the strength to make it to the next day. It is my faith that keeps me going but living the word powers my soul.
In the gate i learned a lesson that i knew but hadn't practice. I needed a buddy in that race to push me.Despite determination sometimes we all need a push from another persom to make it. At the end of my journey I took inspiration from all those around me and that was exactly how i made it through.
I saw a medal that described it so much i had to have it. This is not a blog where i sell things, if it doesn't  fit into my experience its not on here. I might be to personal but believe me when i say Im honest in my failures and triumphs. I will never lose if I'm always making an effort. I did those miles and im proud.

I want to thank these two ladies for coming along and helping me put my show back on the road To keep me inspired i got this and as the miles added up i realized i hadn't lost the experience of going to selma i gained a greater victory at home.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 7

I tossed and turned all night never really getting any rest. When my alarm went off i felt relieved. At three in the morning it didn't take long to hop on the interstate. vehicles were few and far in between each other on I -95 making it practically empty. Talk about a rarity in Jacksonville. I had no trouble finding the exit or the staduim. As i turned into the parking lot i realized i was basically alone. About fifteen minutes later cars began to trickle in and i felt better. I settled in and arranged my water belt which had everything from a first aid kit,mints and a wallet stuffed in various pockets. By the time the sun was hitting the horizon i was ready to leave the car. I noticed that people had started setting up tents and tailgating. Many were dressed up in matching team colors and T-shirts. There were twosomes and large groups of friends that were out to have a good time. Reading the backs of some of their shirts i discovered they were running for the sick,departed, buddies and every cause you could think of. All that and the normal supply of super hero customes. The atmosphere felt more like a low key football game than a 15k race. I loved it because i have only been to small local races but on the other hand i was by myself and became a little lost in the crowd. On my way to the start line i walked though the veterans memorial located in front of the staduim. I passed various groups of BGR and thought maybe i should introduce myself but ended up just strolling by them without saying anything. That area was so crowded with groups taking pictires i was a little overwhelmed. I wish i had asked someone to take my picture now. The price of buying them is going to be steep if any turn out worth having which at this point i hope so. Thank goodness i snapped a picture of the memirial the day before after packet pick up. So I weaved through the veterans memorial and made my way over to wave 4 corral and began pacing the lot until my pedometer read 45 miles. I was only walking nine and needed to be on target when i got my medal. By 8:50 am it was show time and when the gun sounded i moved slowly towards the final steps of the journey. It wasn't going to be a fifteen minute day for me. Even though i had a fruit cup and banana for breakfast i knew my fuel gauge was on low. The incline on the first bridge set me back and i turned around frequently to find comfort in not being last. I was carrying the same flag i used on the walk to the Moore center. My only regret was that i took it off the pole. It was a little tricky holding on to it when my arms tired but old glory never hit the ground. Exiting the bridge i had high hopes for a great experience. This race had been on my radar for five years and now i was making it the end cap of a memorial journey. I was practically pleased the route involved bridges and as the few spectators left to cheer us back of the packers on with waves i couldn't help but notice the irony. Once the cameras leave the reason for the real struggle begins to shine through. Around this juncture in the race I was cruising steady towards the water as the early bird runners with decent times were nearing the finish with that part of the race already in their memory file. So by the time i hit the shopping district the water station people told us we could take our own water off the table. Glad i didn't need it at that point because their gloves had been who knows where by that time. I weaved my way through the water crews cleanup and kept going. The course was not scenic in that section but i still felt good as i neared the three mile mark. Late as it was there were still people sitting by sidewalks in the neighborhoods cheering us on. Then another hill showed up. I've been in Florida to darn long to be comfortable with anything steep and i was not pleased as a mini bridge approached in the distance. For us sunshine staters it was a hill, to everyone else it was a bump in the road. Whatever you want to call it, i counted it as another assault on my calves. On the bright side the shade from large oaks that began to line the route became a blessing as i made my way through those side streets. The temperature was hitting eighty and i was feeling every bit of it. Some people were offering water, orange slices and even sausage. I wanted none of it, the heat was taking over and my mental state waned. I knew why i was there but i wanted to say kick rocks to this race. Instead i thought of how the marchers kept moving. When that stopped working for me i walked to the side of the road and bent over,i was thinking about resting. Two ladies who had been tailing me came up and said oh no you don't, you pushed us and now we will pull you. Thank the lord it was mile six and for a mile thats what we did, the three of ud talked and kept moving. We hit a corner jamming to a dj on course playing a Beyonce sounding song. I don't know the name but i rocked steady until i hit the final bridge. I took one look up and realized why they call it the green monster. You struggle through an entire race and then as a reward your given what might as well be Mt Everest. As i eased closer to the monster i saw that the heat and who knows what else had claimed victims all around me. I passed a young girl waiting for medical attention but i didnt look as i passed. My focus was solely on making it to the top I stumbled over to the guardrail and tried to lean on it but my feet hurt and although i wasnt tired my knees were shot. I needed to move to stop the pain of blisters which were a result of grinding my foot to compensate for those knees being unstable. That's when the cussing began. Silently at first,then i mumbled to myself. I called on the Lord as i fought to make that hill. A lady in a nearby small struggling group i was passing said out loud you can do it to me, while i said jokingly to myself won't he do it. Even in my time of despair i can amuse myself. I knew only God could get me up and over that steep bridge. I looked in front of me at three souls that i had trailed the entire race. One of the friends was blind and was lead by the guy with the backpack. The man being lead had some trouble with needing to rest along the way and the bridge was getting to him too. Midway up his friend turned on some inspiration. Earth, Wind and Fires Shining star. Yes that snapped me into conqueror mode too. I followed them to the top passing another woman stopped for some reason. With my blister worsening they left me in the dust. I caught up to a streaker ( someone who has run every race since it started in the 80's) he looked ninty and was not happy i passed him. I turned on the jets so that his attempt to catch me would fail, not that either one of us were going fast. The relief i felt making it to the top was short lived. The view was awesome but i couldnt linger.With a bad knee that wasn't hurting but causing me to limp, a supposedly good knee acting up and feet in need of a soaking the decent was pure torture. I gingerly made my way down the hill in agony the entire way. At the bottom a sheriff told me the famous almost there line. He said 400 ft, not ! It was a bit more than that across the street around the staduim and then through what used to be the finish area. No one but the medal guy was there and only a few people lingered in the message tent. All the water was stacked up directly in the sun mind you it was over eighty degrees at that time and it was about a hundred yards away. I looked and there wasn't so much as a banana left. I was so tired i laid on the dirty ground unsure if i would ever gather enough strength to get back to my car. Then as i laid there with some late finishers i saw these volunteers hauling out water and bananas. I said to them i thought you were coming over to ask us if we wanted anything. They said no this is ours. Can the people who paid for and finished the race get a banana before everyone else snatches the vitals up. I hope they enjoyed their haul while i sat there starving and thirsty ( i couldn't drink hot water). Overall this journey has been an incredible humbling experience. For the lady and her daughter that offered me a scrunchy then had to stop before mile six, i hope you were able to continue. If not you are still awesome and for my back of the pack crew wtg we made it. I walked to honor a trek for civil rights and that voting rights act. On my sojourn i found what i knew to be true that there's still plenty of work to be done and what i needed to be reassured of was that good people rise up in crisis. May the Lord bless everyone that made this possible, i have said many times i walked alone but i never really was. I felt the ancestors with me every step of the way.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 6

I took the show on the road today. The orginal plan called for a few pit stops along the way but the ride to Jacksonville takes a few hours and i didn't want to miss packet pickup. So i decided to melt away the chunk of miles before the grand finale at the expo.
I wanted to get to 45 miles before  Saturdays race where i counted on polishing off the last nine of my 54 in the Gate river run 15k.
I arrived at expo a little after three, i was surprised i had no problem parking and was able head right into the exhibit hall. Received my bib and was directed to shirt pickup where i learned that they were out of womens 2x shirts.  They weren't going by size ordered but what people wanted. They had it in mens but the color was neon yellow green. I liked the fusia the women's came in, so i took large. I cant fit it but I will eventually  frame it anyway. In fact I wish now that i had asked for a small.
After getting my swag bag taken care of i entered the expo part. It was the first time i have attended a large expo where i could buy shoe brands and gear.
I tried on hokas they didnt feel or fit right.The girls at the booth were awesome though. Looked at a few others brands too but nothing caught my fancy. I also spotted belts that held water bottles, cell phones and accessories. The young lady selling those was a good pitch person and if i hadn't already seen them cheaper in my local sporting good store i would have taken one home.Glad i finally got to see what people in my running groups were talking about though. Then i remembered the day was all about finishing those miles.
The expo area wasnt large though and i wasn't able to walk off much and so i left to do some laps in the parking lot. Now i know I looked tore up, my pants were to big and i had on a dinky training tshirt. I would not have shown up like that but i was tired and frankly was in character mode. I was so deep into getting my fifty four i vowed not to change my shoes or style of dress until after the last mile was done. I didn't know anyone in Jacksonville anyway.
Well, on my way out i ran into a lady from BGR Orlando. Twenty thousand runners and i see one of the few people I ve met at races. thats my luck. On my way out i pasted this guy who for some reason liked playing the Flintstones theme. To funny because yabba dabba do was not how i was feeling knowing i needed ten more miles before race day.

I made tracks to the side of the stadium parking lot that would serve as the starting corrals then proceeded to cross off 8.5 of the 10 i needed. I was losing daylight so i walked back to the expo area where a lady stopped me to offer her post meal ticket. I normally don't eat race food but decided to check it out. Two young girls sat in front of the beer trailer with a large uncovered bread basket of dinner rolls on one side and nasty looking ziti in red sauce in warming trays on the other. I saw just a few people eating washed out looking iceburg salads along with the pasta at the tables. It was late and everything was wrapping up so i passed on the free meal, regifted the ticket and got in my ride knowing i had one and a half miles to do before the race the next day.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 5

Today i tied my shoes and head out the door . I wasn't running on all cylinders but i was moving.Not even the woman who slammed her door shut when i walked past her car could sour my mood. Im facts neither she or her friends who kept clicking the car alarm was going to ruin my day.
I started slow but improved as the miles built. Then something special happened at mile six. I started feeling really good, in fact i felt strong almost as if i could blaze around the course. If i had not run out of day light I'm sure i could have eaten ten miles easy.
I find it encouraging that my body didn't take long to adjust to the miles. All that's is mental preparation as i work towards the last miles of the journey i find myself struggling.  Not in stamina but rather the ability to stay pumped up enough to work through the drudgery of each step.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 4

I knew squeezing these miles into my everyday life would be a challenge but i had this fantasy i could make it a great adventure.
Well the reality is i am getting the miles in wherever i can and today i did what i had to do to make it work.
I found myself at Walmart after surviving a traffic backup from an accident on I-95 and gridlock from an afternoon baseball game. It turned a five minute trip to the store into forty five minutes. Then after shopping i saw rain clouds looming, so i put the few things i picked up in the back of the car and off i went to circle the parking lot.
I only did a mile and maybe three fourths i know it wasn't quite two. The parking lot smell almost killed me. There was an 1960's era VW bus with solor panels out that must have thrown their waste water on the ground. I saw a large spot on the pavement near it and it smelled like urine. It was not the only place on the lot i smelled it but all the combined smells made me cut the walk short.
Then i headed home unloaded the goods and went back to a neighborhood park. I didn't want to but as i near Saturday the miles are building up and i just dont want to do to many before my last day.  All in all i knocked out seven and am inching closer to my goal.

Day 3

There are many types of walks and on the third day of my journey i knew in my heart i needed to take a walk of honor.
So Tuesday I drove to Eastern Florida State College because it was the midway point to my destinations for the day and it would serve as my emergency support point. I usually carry everything i need with me from a first aid kit to food and porta potty but the comfort of having security and an air conditioned place to rest if i became ill or was injured convinced me to park there. I had also hoped to march a loop around the campus and perhaps strick up  some interesting  conversations with students. I'd had that kind of talk with a group of nineteen and twenty somethings there during the black history luncheon. However It was getting close to spring break though and the student count was low  judging from the parking lot. So I made the decision to quickly gathered my supplies for the day and head out to the road to start.
It was a little past noon and hot. I would never be caught out under normal circumstances at that time of day but i told myself the marchers had to deal with whatever the weather brought them and so should I.

The sun was at full power when i stepped onto the shoulder of US1. Even though I was holding the flag i wasn't all that hot.The wind was really whipping old glory around but the breeze took away some of the heat for the long walk ahead. The day before i scouted my route and noted it was a little over a mile to the first destination. I also knew to walk against traffic as this is Florida and people will mow you over. Being left as two legged road kill while the motorist drives home and has dinner like nothing happened was not on my agenda. What i wasn't prepared for was the length of time it would take me. The weeds masquerading as grass slowed me down and maneuvering around roadside debris was taking its toll. I also made sure to watch out for snakes or anything else coming out the bushes. Other than a few motorist honking their horns because i was waving the flag i was basically alone. I neares a farm and noticed a horse who happened to be grazing with some cows looked up at me and just kept staring. As i passed he waged his tail like a dog. I don't know much about horses but i hope it was a good thing. I looked back and noticed he or she didn't put its head back down to continue eating until i was a ways down the road. It was another half hour before i finally saw what i was looking. a small sign saying mims. My energy drink was almost gone but i still had a full bottle of water remaining . It gave me enough strength to walk the two long highway blocks to the museum i on the way to . I was looking for freedom avenue the road that lead to the Harry and Harriett Moore cultural center and park. Once i found the street the pep came back in my step. I walked straight down the middle of the road flag raised and eyes on the prize It was important for me to make this a stop on my trek. The Moores were civil rights pioneers in the fifties. They were on the front lines of the struggle until they were killed by a bomb placed under their house. I wanted to walk the path around the complex to pay homage to the sacrafice they made. As i passed the replica of their house built on the site where the orginal stood it felt as if someone was home and would invite me in. I meandered through the water garden lined with tribute bricks reading names then continued around to the back of the property. Leaving i snapped one last picture as a reminder to myself to honor those that may not always be in the civil rights conversation but should be. I headed back to the college and packed the flag away and drove to the a local bridge. I wanted to finished my day by walking the Max brewer bridge. With the flag flying in a strong wind i sang the glory song and made up my own songs to pass time. I got some thumbs up and high fives on the walk over and back from people who just saw the flag and it made them feel good. One lady who was crossing towards me said it was a beautiful sight to see as she looked up while walking up the bridge towards me. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 2

On day two of the freedom marchers journey they had done over twenty miles. This is a feat graced by the hands of God. Not many people crunch a half marathon everyday in business attire nonetheless. 
So i got a little down on myself for being on mile six. If i could make my dream come true I'd trek fifty miles through the county one way camping at night and eating pasta dinners like the marchers. Yet my reality is a few road miles a day until i hit fifty four and that's okay.
I'm working on increasing mileage with every segment i do. I've not had a ten mile day yet but the miles I'm accumulating are rewarding. I know i could knock out fifty four on the treadmill in four days but my desire from day one was to take it on the road and in whatever weather comes my way.
So this morning i woke feeling like crap, i had a headache and my arches hurt but walking was still on my mind. I decided to skipped the morning run to let my body recover from the ailments it was battling and by noon i did feel better despite my "senior" pains. In addition I needed to be accountable to my running buddy for the day. A lady in my running group responded to a post i made about my March goals. I didn't mention why because it is not a predominantly African American group but she and some others figured it out, it pays to surround yourself with people who are thinkers.

We met at a running spot and walked. For those not in the running community this was an act of kindness that i truly appreciated. Runners run and walking at a slow twenty minute pace is a sacrifice. Im limping my way through life right now and its all i can do to maintain a steady pace. When someone who likes to log miles at a faster pace then you offers to go your pace it's a gift. I throughly enjoyed the conversation and quickly learned how out of shape I am. I was not used to talking while moving as a solo trekker and i struggled with my breathing during the chat. Everything else went well though we logged four miles that officially was 4.7. I top it off later to five as i ended up running an errand and could not resist walking the grocery store parking lot to get the extra tenths of the mile in. Today i say thank you to Keneen,who else but a sister runner would walk with me while dodging horse manure to get an extra mile on the way to fifty four.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 1 Bloody Sunday

Walking these fifty four miles has been a private affair for me. I am on the road to rediscovering my strength, not exactly a news worthy event. I have told few people about this. Well maybe more because i posted in one of my running groups and there are 400 lurkers in there and of course i have this blog but how many read it besides me is another lost in cyber story. Still i agonized over how i would commorate what happened. I thought about just walking silently and it suited me.Then i thought about the Carter Woodson quote above and said to myself walking with a picture feels right. It was just a selma50 logo nothing fancy but the photo kiosk in the store wasn't working. I ending up making a sign instead and off i went to find a bridge. I put on my water belt, grabbed my sign and headed for the bridge. It was 2:30, late to be walking in Florida but i wasn't on a time schedule. I did want to walk the same time they did in Selma but gave that up in favor of just doing what i have to do. I decided to park downtown and maybe get in more miles before the bridge but it was hot ( it felt like it was 80 degrees) but was only seventy with a nice breeze in the shade. Unfortunately my route was not under the cover of trees. The usaul farmers market was going on so i warmed up by walking through there before heading to the bridge. As I arrived on the path to the entrance of the park that sits below the bridge a couple coming down the path from the bridge saw me and crossed the street to the other side. Curiosity got the best of them and the wife crossed back over to see what the sign said. She gave words of encouragement and i continued on. My knees were killing me as i approached the beginning but i was determined to keep moving even if it meant creeping along. I was not alone though i had my phone out playing the glory song from the selma movie. I haven't downloaded any gospel songs to my phone and dont like to walk to music but the occasion dictated the need for inspiration. I decided glory wasn't enough and thought up my own gospel hymns. It felt good to sing in black church voice considering Im catholic and cant hold a tune. I now know why they sang when they marched, as it made the incline in front of me easier to walk. As i was climbing up people were descending, the majority read the sign. An older white couple looking like the Archy bunker type gave me hateful looks. I found it amusing because the husband had the most artificial deep brown tan. Love my skin color and can't stand me,i have always found that interesting. I got maybe a look of confusion and a smile or two but i wasn't there to show out or off just walk. Let me say i was praising the Lord the entire time, it took divine intervention to help me make that trip up. Once i reached the top and prepared to go down the other side my knees stopped hurting. I may have hobbed up but my descent was slow and steady, i was truly thankful for that. As i came to the end of the bridge i saw a young man. He was looking at his phone but then eyed me. I knew that look he had a question. He wanted to know a little bit more about the sign. He told me he had heard of it but didnt know the details. So i told him what i knew which certainly not everything as im learning the story myself. This young man walked with me for a mile as we talked about whi we are as individuals and how we see the world. Turns out he is into community and though he no longer lives in the area he is doung good things in his new city. We need more people like him, its one thing to talk but when you practice what you preach that says more about who you are. As we walked across a lower span bridge we pasted an older black gentleman who shook my hand. He liked the sign and was supportive of what i was doing. It meant a lot to me because we all don't have to march or be vocal but unity in the community has its place. I was appreciative of both those twi individuals because i was enriched by coming in contact with them. As we neared the causeway for my return trip i bid the young man farewell and took a photo. I hadn't expected company but it sure was a blessung. After leaving hin a runner i pasted on the way over stopped. She saw the sign the first time but wanted to give me advice on how to do the miles. She was so excited wishing me well, often people become moved enough to tell me way to go. Im under no delusions about the fact my large size plays a factor. This time i knew her intention was genuine and the heartfelt wish for my success came from an encouraging place. Today my decision to syay home seems wise. Its the places where we live work and play that we should be reaching out and making change. We have to connect to each other on our home turf. I did that this Sunday and can't wait continue the journey.


I made the drive to Orlando yesterday for a unity march. I guess i need to back track though.
Friday i was in Publix trying to find something for lunch after scouting our a few places on my selma50 route. So being the age I am i did what most black folk do, i saw a black couple and asked what was going on in the area for the event.
Voila! The wife responded that her organization was having a unity march and prayer service in Orlando. She offered to go out to her car and get the flyers. As we talked by her car i decided that i was going to attend. On Saturday I began the first official day of my trek.
As i walked i noticed the new major league soccer team was having an event. It seemed the whole town was decked out in purple, there were posters everywhere. I spotted a young couple walking down the street and questioned if they knew about the Selma march. They didn't, they were just a couple on a date but i questioned aloud if young folks appreciate or cared about history or the future. The young man said don't assume we don't and have a blessed day. He wasn't pleased with my questioning and that is the way black folks tell people off with out being nasty so to speak. I wished him the same and although these were just two people on a date i hope they do know and respect what has been done for them enough to be the next steps on the foundations in our community and to the world. I also thought what a wonderful sight and how fifty years ago these two wouldnt have been able to enjoy themselves in mixed company for a night on the town. Then I continued on my way arriving early to city hall and i saw no one. I started thinking maybe it was cancelled or no one cared to come. The list of things to do that night was over flowing a concert across the street at the new performing arts center, Elton John was playing in the arena and that soccer party was gearing up.

Instead of waiting alone i went to move my car closer to the area. I had parked by the lake but didn't realize it was a little to far. Actually if i had been able to park longer at the meter i might have stayed. I learned on the way back to my car that i walked the wrong way and instead of two blocks i walked about four. No worries i found another good spot and preceded back to city hall. This time a few more people where there a few Omega psi phi frat guys and a couple stood around talking then suddenly a host of media showed up and at one point out numbered the participants. Surprisingly fox news was there and i avoided them as i was not interested in making it on their broadcast. I wanted to find people and discover their stories but most of all i had hoped to see diversity in the crowd. Well i got that in spats and am happy to have met some. folks. This young Palestinian man told me he was proud to be here and appreciated freedom fighters. There were also a group of Puerto Ricans showing support for what they said was a jailed freedom fighter. Young college students i thanked for being there and told i was just proud of them for beating the odds and doing positive things. They asked that the young who represented the future stand in front with the clergy and march is to the church. Although the crowd was mostly older i found joy that some twenty somethings were there. Students groups from UCF were there talk about how they had set up organizations on campus to fill their needs. Also was happy to meet a young white couple who brought their two preschool agef girls and said it was their pleasure to attend. Considering we were talking voting rights i was sadden more of those in the latin community didn't show but some heads of their organizations represented. Which brings me to the the fact that we need to find new ways to reach out to todays young people. In Selma they had rappers and r&b artist for the annual festival. In the future we are going to have to modernize the way we present to the generations behind us. We don't have to lose the lesson to reach a greater audience. So as i walked the block to the church i made one promise to myself. Deliver the truth in a way that all can relate and know my audience. I m walking to improve myself and better serve this community not to just retrace history but to take the torch so many held to get me here and pass it on.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Sometimes even when the road is clear things become a blur. I wanted to drive to Selma for the 50th anniversary of bloody Sunday and planned to do so. Life has a way of breaking my heart over and over again though. I won't be traveling to Alabama for practical reasons but worst i keep seeing all these post from people who are there. It's so exciting seeing their joy but my own reality is not so jubilant. I had my race and lodging picked out and i made sure i had enough money to cover the trip and any unexpected expenses that might crop up. What went wrong, i asked myself. Gas went up,my knees hurt,a feeling i couldn't quite put my hands on came over me. I know my mothers not well, the clock is ticking on that one. I'm totally heart broken these days and I've been reaching out to grab anything i can to ease my mind. I needed this trip but could never rest leaving her home. So I decided on a solo journey where i walk the miles and pray. Not for yesteryears but for today. The spirit of unity must rise up and fight oppression everywhere and all the time. Voting rights are important and they have to be preserved not diluted. That being the case i walked this week preparing but today my knee is killing me. I will march anyway i stand alone with a force of many. On the local front i need to be heard so I will make my way to orlando to get the ball rolling. my story this week is all about community.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Treasure Coast

Although i started this post back in March I forgot to post about this race and now that it's June  for some reason don't remember all the details. 
I know at the time i started writing this recap i was also planning the Selma trip. Apparently in all the commotion the story was lost in the excitement. So sad and brief detail that it is let me honor the miles.
For the first time on my short race career i broke this event up. I did what i vowed never to do fpr good reason. I was physically unable to make it a one day affair. I completed the miles in two days actually doing fourteen.  They were none descript and mostly pounded out training miles.
Weeks later when the medal arrived i felt proud.When the path is easy i tend not to appreciate the effort as much as the tough road. Giving myself a pat on the back for making it through the struggle.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Woke up this morning tired with an achilles that was tender, all from a 5k. Im telling you racing on cobble stones is no joke. The orlando race took me out but i knew i had to get my Swamp miles in.
Since i never race back to back i took on this ome as a virtual.  Some people don't like them or call them training runs, i xall them challenges. It's hard for me to keep a good pace when I'm not on a clock. So i headed to a favorite running spot for locals.
Well being Sunday and having four marathons within driving distance of the area i saw none of the regulars. I changed into my race shoes, put the pedometer on (yes I'm high tech lol) and started on my way.
I was stiff at the onset but trudged on despite the sky looking like it would open up and bless me. It took until the mile mark before these old muscles of mine warmed up and let me relax. I was still slow but feeling better about the way things were going and then it happened.
I wanted to stop, i was losing interest but i wasn't tired or hurt. I knew it was the let down from the previous race day so i just made myself keep going and the thought went away. By mile three i had experienced a light drizzle that was more of an April shower in March. I found it refreshing because it was hot. The thermostat on my phone said it was seventy but it felt like eighty. I had not drank much water up until that point either.I learned from my first half not to over hydrate myself so i waited until mile three then gave myself a water and energy drink break.
I continued on and the miles got not easier but more comfortable . I was glad to hit the nine mark because that's generally where i feel home free.
I love doing these long virtuals do to the fact my thoughts move into a zone that is basically my own private race world.They are different than a training session in many ways. First im concerned about time and second i keep tabs on what it will take to conquer the course I've choosen.That's different than my training because all i worry about is staying in shape for distance. It's also differs from an actual race in that i see the people i meed to beat, am subject to being pushed by cheering from strangers or am influenced to speed up or block out competitors moves. Thank goodness i finished this one it showed me i still have work to do.