Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 5k

It's Monday memorial day to be exact and 6:58 as i write. I wanted to sign up for a local race but mom is sick. She won't say what only that she just feels bad but we've been battling an assortment of ailments  for sometime now. Every setback in her health draws her closer to the brink. To say I 'm concerned is an understatement.
I ve decided i won't go run, i have a headache and a heartache. Racing has saved me from dispare yet i struggle to overcome guilt and the need to do some selfish things for myself. So I will go out today because i have to. God is in control of the situation and i need to just accept that fact. Today i will walk not for any other reason than deep down i know mom would want me to.
Yes i did take a walk that honored those that gave all at the local veterns museum. I walked the grounds, toured the memorial gardens, strolled down the boardwalk and enjoyed a lovely water view then called it a day.
I wanted to do a 5k but it was way to hot. This walker can't wait to hit the asphalt and chase some bling.

Monday, May 4, 2015

I run 4 good pizza

Last December was a tough month for me and i was not in my right mind when i signed up for a race that offered no finisher bling. I saw bling for the race in the running store but in my state of dismay had not realized it was only award medals.
So yesterday i ran the viera pizza race and got nothing but a shirt. Okay i had the satisfaction of finishing my first race since March but i would have liked a reward. Im not ashamed to walk for bling and seeing a seven year old win a 500 dollar prize and a bracelet  that i claimed for myself made it even worst. Yes I am laughing sort of over the last statement but hey i need rewards.
Even the pizza was awful hardly any cheese and they must have skimped on seasoning. I only ate two tiny square pieces from a tray i witnessed them bring out. I cant eat food people pick over and most people o observed didn't take a napkin to grab the pizza either, yuk. One guy even used the side of the table to wipe his hands with napkins in sight. Thanks for reminding me why i never eat race food dude.
Honestly though i just feel blessed and grateful that i can still walk races.  I felt so good i even walked slow/fast intervals without to much pain.
Now for the first time in months i have nothing on my race calander but one thing still hold true. The next event will be fullfilling and the bling will be showcase worthy. Im working on my speed too as the back of the pack sucks.