Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Admit it when you need help

I have been going it alone for so long that even when I do walk I don't post here. So last night I made the decision to actively reach out to others in this community. Every day as I walk I put out the message to others to come join me but now I have made it official. A few months ago I called Vanessa of Girltrek hoping she wouldn't answer and I could leave a message. Yes I know that was bad but once you put a name to the cause you have to be accountable. I knew I would fall off the bandwagon and since even Morgan has abandoned this blog who would know right.
Well the answer is I know and realize sometimes strength comes in numbers. So last night I signed my new group up with GirlTrek after being on their list for years. I created a walkers group that is  an off shot of  the running group I belong to that welcomes all levels of athletes. I wanted my sister circle to reach out to women in my area who just want to exercise to enjoy the benefits of walking without feeling they are in training for an event. I'm giving them the option of varying schedules and locations and challenging everyone to come join me and bring some friends. As of today we are known as Team Mocha and you can bet I will be out and about signing up members in the community. I have decided to put this out on the blog to hold my own self accountable to some goals that have gone unfulfilled for to long. If I am my sisters keeper why can't I take them all along on my journey to completing a triathlon. Here's to the power of team work and understanding one must only ask when in need of help.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My walks have been going well as I'm still slow but improving in the endurance department. An added bonus has been friends telling me I look slimmer but personally I cant see or feel it. I'm sure that my body just looks better in outfits that fit and are more feminine than the oversized jeans and t shirts I like to wear to hide the rolls!
Whatever the case may be I'm enjoying the walks this time around and the best part about walking now are all the places I seem to find to get those miles in. In the past month the beach, some county  parks and yes the grocery store have all been places I've taken the opportunity to get in some miles. I do admit trolling the isles of the local market drew the attention of some of the workers. One cashier thought I was an extreme couponer scouting the layout of the store.
I'm making it a goal for the summer to get out earlier before the sun becomes uncomfortable and work on running. I hope to build up enough strength so I can run to certain check points during my walks. As the old folks say one day at a time and that's all I extend myself to. I'm not worrying about tomorrow or next week when out, only the battle in front of me at the moment counts.