Saturday, August 8, 2015

Football kickoff 5k

My calendar race year is drawing to an end and i still have a few more events to complete if i want to hit the fifty mark.
I won't lie, with this bad knee working against me i have lowered my standards. Usaully I walk for bling and will avoid local events if they don't offer any. Actually medals don't motivate me to finish but they do make me feel better than a shirt does after the race is over.
Yet the closer i get to the grand finale of my first racing year  on labor day the  realization that i desire a memorable experience more than a medal has never been stronger. I want to fill my shadow boxes with medals representing special places and events that have significance in my life. This last race selection was indicative of that.
I registered late for this 5k. It didnt offer a finisher medal but i saw the chance to rock my colors and test the limits of my knee. So I decided to sign up.
As a southerner the start of both college and pro football season is a religon all its own. With the college game claiming even more fanatics.I have used thr seasons to help me remember a time line of events in my own life. So it goes without saying that i had to celebrate by entering this race.
I picked up my race packet on a Thursday only to discover the ugliest shirt ever. It was dull gray with white lettering. The first thing i noticed was that the sizing was definately childrens so i opted for the mens xl.
Things did not improve when i looked in the swag bag either. There was nothing worth keeping so i tossed that when i got home.
The morning of the event i met the women of my running group for pictures  and then we headed off to the start.
Once on my way i was pasted ny the usaul suspects. There was the baby stroller pushers, senior citizens and my new Nemesis the sweetest golden retriever even and a datson. You know your slow when you can't be a weiner dog. My cane was certainly a target as i made my way through the course. No one wants the cane lady beating them. Yet as i made my way around the course people from all age groups shouted encouragements to me. I was surprised  by their jestures and grateful but to be honest i just wanted to not be singled out. I was a race participant like everyone else. 
I used the support to push myself though, i challenged my body to complete walking intervals along the way.  I also made sure to speed up when i saw the mile marker clocks, i guess pride surely goeth before the fall. Then I used two women in front of me as targets and by the last half mile i caught them.
On my way home to the finish i chatted with them enough to learn it was their first 5k. I love meeting newbies but the end was near and i sprinted to the line ( okay shuffled) but i completed the mission and beat the rain. Since there was no bling for this race i had one made. Bring on football season college and pro, I'm ready.

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