Sunday, August 16, 2015

Celebrating a Runiversary

I am not a fan of doing any races in downtown Orlando for more than a few reasons.My first gripe pertains to the choice of routes usually involves some trekking over cobblestone streets  and frankly my feet don't like those types of surfaces. Then i can not express enough how boring it is to look at block after block of craftsman style houses that are now dwarfed by new skycraper condos as i make my way through nicely manicured revitilized neighborhoods. I somehow feel like these forays are more training runs than competition. 
I don't want to smell bacon frying or wonder who burnt the toast as fluffy barks at me from the sofa next to the living room window or worst have bruno squeeze through the gate in the back yard and chase me. It might help me to set a new P.R. but that wont make a bit of difference if i die of a heart attack on the road as i run from him.
Most often what scares me the most are the late starts times that assure I'll have to endure the full power of Florida's heat and humidity. So why did i make the trip to the city beautiful.
Well I am entering the home streach of my first year of racing and there just are not many opportunities left for in person races in this area.  It was also blackgirlsrun Orlandos fourth year runiversary and they were celebrating it at this local event. Since i needed a race close to home for the weekend it became an attractive even to me.
Okay that and I really needed a medal after the last two races offering only a shirt.It certainly made the decision to do the celebration of running 5k a done deal after considering my other option entailed driving two hours to Jacksonville for better bling.
Early Saturday morning I found the drive to downtown to be quite  pleasant. The traffic was lite on mills ave and by arriving early i had no trouble finding a parking space, i had my choice of the museum lots or on the street.  I choose the street just in case illegal tow trucks were out to car nap my ride.That task being over
I walked to the start area.
One thing i love about racing is meeting new people.  On my walk toward the start line I met a lady  who inspired me to just do the thing.  We wished wach other well and it was off to start the race.
The first surprise was a hill, okay an incline but not cooll at all. Then as the race hit the half mile mark a guy was beating the hell out of the dejembe and the rhythm put the mojo on me as i started to shuffle along. I should not have done that because the heat almost killed me.
By mile three i was experiencing a bounding pulse in my neck that scared the heck out of me. Luckily i teames up with a BGR lady who kept asking me if i was alright. Of course i lied and said yes but was so grateful to God someone was with me. 
This race will go down as the one that sealed my walking fate. In my heart i still love the challenge but physically I'm losing the battle.

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