Sunday, September 6, 2015

The last fifty

Today I needed four miles to complete the last of a fifty mile challenge . It took me longer than i expected because i was sick most of August from the heat.
I could not tolerate the stress this summers heat brought due to various ailments but somehow managed to get a burst of energy and a strong dose of willpower for the homestretch of my quest.
With four miles to go I completing the last chunks on a trail full of runners. The route is always full of running clubs, friends and biker groups. It can be a chatty place and almost feels like a small race.  The route takes you out and back so there is no avoiding contact with what i like to call pods of exercisers. It sucked being in their company because i like to get that alone with nature feel when i just want to bang out some miles and think.
As Sundays go it was a nice day to finish the challenge the temp was only in the eighties that early in the morning. Of course the sun wasn't up and the water and trees helped provide a pleasant experience.
Now i can not say that for the people. When i got out my car some female said to me " nice day for a walk", say what!  Everyone there was out to run what made her say that to me i wondered. I found it extremely offensive, now if she had of been someone i knew or stated she has seen me walk at local races it would have been different. I responded by saying "what makes you think I'm walking"
her reply " or running" with a laugh. I have no space for ignorant people. What happens when you assume...
If that were the only thing that pissed me off i wouldn't be telling the truth. The other thing was the do gooders comments. I started taking a cane on outings in case my knee gives out. Now it was in my hand, i wasnt using it but that didn't stop nearly everyone who passed from saying good job, your out here not on the couch and countless other "runner" sayings. Apparently they thought this was a good thing but for me it was distrubing. They did not say that to the other struggling runners and even before i started carrying my "rod" I've heard these same messages. I will add none of them are professionals nor do most of them run the entire trail.
They didn't need to know it wasn't my first rodeo or that i do mostly half marathons as long as its not summer when i switch to 5ks. What they should understand is while encouraging remarks may seem nice they can often reek of stereotypes. I'm  out there competing against myself just like they are but i don't feel the need to yell "good job" to them. For awhile i thought i was in rumper room and had to look around to see if Ms Sally was out there with me.
Then i saw my favorite girl again
My cane was in the car when she made the comment as her group walked by me the first time. Anyway as i made my way along the trail and approached a drawbridge its lights started flashing,that was my cue to start running.  Who should be behind me but ms "nice day for a walk". She had the nerve to say "oh your running now" as we all scampered across the bridge before it opened.
I have no more words *sigh*. I felt great and didn't have time for negative.
I was so proud of the fact that i actually ran one mile of the last  four i needed. I used my version of run walk and broke it down into forth of miles but hey mission completed. My long journey had ended on a good note and i felt wonderful. 
Never assume that turtle you see out on the road training  is not your competitor, because on race day its on. I may not be first but i will never be defeated.
I've stated many times i don't solely run for bling but the fifty miler from was worth trekking for.

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